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7 Actions to Take Before Winter

7 Actions to Take Before Winter

To ensure that the roads are safe during the next cold season and avoid problems with your vehicle, we made a list of actions to take to prepare for winter.

  1. Have your winter tires installed.  As soon as the temperature consistently dips below 7°C drivers should change over to winter tires to benefit from the increased traction, braking and handling in all winter conditions, including snowy, icy, cold and dry pavement.
  2. Have the right equipment on hand. Make sure you have the equipment to remove accumulated snow and ice in your vehicle: windshield washer fluid, lock de-icer, scraper and snow brush adapted to your type of vehicle. NAPA Auto Parts stores offer a variety of items that allow consumers to get the job done right and easily.
  3. Protect the interior of your vehicle. Don’t delay installing protective mats. Without these winterized mats, water, mud, small rocks and salt will quickly dirty the interior of your vehicle and leave a mess in the spring., there are several types of winter mats on the market, some even specially designed for the brand of your car.
  4. Have your battery inspected and serviced. Did you know that a battery has an average lifespan of four (4) years? The many electronic accessories in today’s vehicles place more demands on automotive batteries than ever.
  5. Get the best visibility. Ask us to equip your vehicle with wiper blades designed for winter and replace your traditional headlight bulbs with LEDs. You will thank us during ice storms!
  6. Subscribe to an emergency roadside assistance service. Find out about the service offered by the NAPA AUTOPRO banner. You will have peace of mind, especially when you take long trips.
  7. Change your driving habits. Plan extra time to get to your destination. Just removing snow from your vehicle can take several minutes. When driving, as well as for braking, keep a greater distance between you and other vehicles.

You Could Save Money

During your next visit to a NAPA store or auto centre, don’t hesitate to ask us for advice and to invest a little time and a few dollars to properly prepare your vehicle to face extreme cold and snow. A tow or a collision could be a costly expense... and an inconvenience. Think about it!

Visit the online Resource Centre and Maintenance Tips section of the NAPA AUTOPRO website for more information.